Development economist with 40 years of experience in research, teaching and advisory work. His areas of specialisation have included: industrialisation and employment, industrial clusters and collective efficiency, global value chains and outsourcing for development, the changing organisation of the global knowledge economy, the internal and external effects of China’s economic rise, and the politics of investment and growth. His recent research has been concerned with the economic and political forces that accelerate green transformations, in particular the drivers of low carbon policies in the rising powers and the critical success factors of green industrial policy. Key to his research and advisory work is a political economy approach which centres on the role of transformative alliances. He has published widely in development journals and is known for succinct synthesis of policy research. He has a long track record in managing international research teams and integrating competences across disciplines.

  • German and British
  • English, German, Portuguese. Some French and Spanish.
Higher Education
  • 1973-1975 and 1980
    University of Sussex - Course work MPhil in Development Studies; Research on industrialisation and employment
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Development Studies)
  • 1972-1973
    German Development Institute, Berlin - Trainee programme in development policy, planning and project evaluation
  • 1967-1971
    University of Cologne - Subjects read: Economics (major), Public Finance, Business Administration, Law, Political Science
    Degree: Diplom - Volkswirt
Employment Record
  • 2000-2015
    Professorial Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
    Leader of Green Transformations Cluster
    Co-leader of Project on Low Carbon Innovation Paths in Europe and Asia
    Leader of Project on the Political Economy of Climate Relevant Policies in the Rising Powers
    Coordinator of Research Project on the Changing Knowledge Divide in the Global Economy
    Principal Investigator of Project on Drivers of Economic Reform in Vietnam’s Provinces
    Convenor of Research Programme on Public Action and Private Investment
  • 1981-1999
    Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
    Research and co-ordination of multi-country and multi-sector teams
    Directing and teaching MPhil course in Development Studies
    Supervisor and examiner of doctoral research students
  • 1980
    Consultant for UN/TDC on policies for the informal sector
  • 1976-1979
    Associate Expert, International Labour Office
    Research and advisory work for Institute of Economic and Social Planning in Brazil
  • Various years
    Visiting appointments in Brazil, China, Germany, Denmark and Japan
  • Lecturing at post-graduate level on inter-disciplinary and multi-method approaches to empirical research; opportunities and dangers arising from globalisation; on governance and upgrading in global value chains; on technology, employment, skills and wages in the industrial sector; on growth constraints and earning opportunities in small-scale manufacturing; on industrial clusters in developed and developing countries; on top down and bottom up approaches to industrial policy; on political economy of green transformations
  • Holding workshops for practitioners and policy makers.
  • Supervisor of doctoral research students.
  • Examiner of doctoral theses.
Directing courses and managing programmes
  • 2001-07
    Convenor of IDS-SPRU post-graduate course 'Competing in the Global Economy'
  • 1996-00
    Convenor of MPhil Course in 'Industrialisation'
  • 1990-95
    Chair of Teaching (see Management and Administration)
  • 1985-87
    Co-Director of University of Sussex interdisciplinary MPhil programme in Development Studies
Visiting Appointments
  • 2010-2014 German Development Institute, Bonn, two months per year
  • 2002 University of Stuttgart
  • 2001 Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development, Tokyo
  • 1998 Copenhagen Business School
  • 1991 Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre
  • 1988 University of Konstanz
  • 1987 People's University of China in Beijing
  • 1983 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • 1982 Federal University of Pernambuco in Recife
Research Grants (selection)
  • 2013-15
    Political Economy of Climate-relevant Policies in the Rising Powers - funded by DfID, London
  • 2011-15
    Technological Trajectories and Business Strategies for Climate Mitigation in China, Europe and India - funded by Riksbankens Jublieumsfond, Stockholm
  • 2010-13
    Challenging the Invnestment Climate Paradigm: Governance, investment and poverty reduction in Vietnam - funded by ESRC-DfID
  • 2007-09
    Common Interests between Key Policy Makers and Investors in Egypt - funded by Française de Développement and Centre for the Future State
  • 2007-08
    Asian Drivers of Global Change: Challenges for Europe – funded by the Volkswagen Foundation
  • 2006-09
    The Changing Knowledge Divide in the Global Economy, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation
  • 2003-04
    Global Value Chain Analysis for Policy Makers and Practitioners – funded by ILO and Rockefeller Foundation
  • 2001-02
    Manual for Value Chain Research, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation
  • 1999-02
    Interaction of Global and Local Governance, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation
  • 1996-98
    Collective Efficiency and Local Industrial Policy - funded by Department for International Development, London
  • 1994-85
    Industrial Clusters in Pakistan - funded by The Leverhulme Trust
  • 1992-94
    Collective Efficiency of Small Firms - Phase I, funded by ODA/ESCOR
  • 1989-91
    Fostering Hi-tech Industries in Developing Countries - funded by Volkswagen Foundation
    For further details on research, see list of publications.
Sectoral Expertise
  • Research projects carried out and/or supervised have included the following sectors: wind power, motorcycles, footwear, leather tanning, clothing, cotton spinning and weaving, chemical fibres, automobiles and autoparts, furniture, fish processing, metal working, surgical instruments, personal computers, software.
Consultancy and Advisory Work (selection of assignments):
  • 2011
    Development Alternatives Inc: Technical Expert for the World Bank Social Capital Assessment Tool project
  • 2009
    UNIDO: Strategy for Network of Investment and Technology Promotion Offices (ITPO)
  • 2009
    DANIDA, Danish Commission for Africa: Rationale and Design of Value Chain Facility for Africa
  • 2006
    School of Social Development and Public Policy, Fudan University, Shanghai, Training in Value Chain Analysis for Research and Policy
  • 2005-13
    Member of Advisory Council of German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Hamburg
  • 2005-14
    Member of Advisory Board of the Centre for Business and Development Studies of the Copenhagen Business School
  • 2005
    GTZ: Shaping Value Chains for Development
  • 2004 and 2005
    IMC and UNIDO: Co-author of White Paper on Competitive Strategies for Egyptian Industry
  • 2004
    USAID and ACDI VOCA: Training Workshops on Value Chain Analysis
  • 2003
    JICA: Strengthening SME clusters in Indonesia; commissioned by Japan International Cooperation Agency, Tokyo
  • 2003 and 2002
    DFID: Using chain analysis in local development projects in North and Northeast of Brazil, commissioned by Department for International Development, London
  • 2003 and 2002
    ILO: Holding workshops on global value chain analysis for policy makers and practitioners, at Ministry of Industry and Trade in Jakarta (2003) and at International Labour Organisation in Geneva (2002)
  • 2001
    UNIDO: Contributing to Industrial Development Report 2002-2003
  • 2001
    JICA: Drawing together lessons from international experience of cluster development, for Japan International Cooperation Agency, Tokyo
  • 2000
    ECA: Preparing strategic framework for helping African SMEs to compete in regional and global markets, commissioned by United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
  • 1998 and 1999
    UNIDO: Developing Executive Course on ‘New Forms of Industrial Governance’
  • 1995 and 1996
    EU: Policy advice for Government of Kazakhstan on the promotion of small and medium enterprises, commissioned by TACIS, European Commission
  • 1995 and 1997
    UNIDO: Assess experiences in promoting industrial clusters and networks: commissioned by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, Vienna
  • 1992
    EBRD: Advise the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on approaches to military conversion and industrial restructuring in Russia, with particular reference to technology parks
  • 1990-91
    ILO: Assess the experience of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in fostering regional industrial development; commissioned by International Institute for Labour Studies
  • 1989
    ILO: Review prospects for flexible specialisation in Third World industry; commissioned by New Industrial Organisation Programme, International Institute for Labour Studies
  • 1988
    UNDP: Explore new approaches and design project for UNDP/ILO assistance in reformulating policies for small-scale industry in Kenya
  • 1987
    KfW: Assessment of growth potential of small-scale industry in a Ghanaian town, in conjunction with colleagues of Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (IFO, München) and of University of Legon; commissioned by Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (German Development Bank) Frankfurt
  • 1986
    US-AID: Review of government policies and programmes affecting small-scale industry in the Philippines, in conjunction with colleagues of the Harvard Institute for International Development; commissioned by US - Agency for International Development
  • 1984-86
    UNDP: Advise Brazilian government institutions on strategies for dealing with the socio-economic implications of microelectronics at both the research and policy level
Management and Administration
  • 2014-15
    Leader of Green Transformations Research Cluster
  • 1992-14
    Member of IDS Review and Promotion Board
  • 2005-10
    Convenor of Research Programme 'Public Action and Private Investment', Centre for the Future State
  • 2001-06
    Chair of Position Review Board
  • 1995-06
    Chair of Sussex GRC (Graduate Research Centres) Consortium in Development Studies
  • 1990-95
    Chair of Teaching. This post involved overall supervision of the Institute's doctoral programme, Masters programmes and short courses. The post included being Chair of the Graduate Division in Development Studies of the University of Sussex. Main initiatives: modular short course programme; pro-active DPhil recruitment; collaboration with other Sussex Centres in the teaching of development related Masters programmes
  • 1990-95
    Core member of IDS Executive Committee
  • 1996-2015
    Coordinator and budget holder of several large international research projects

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